New Procolored UV DTF Printer Helps Level up Local Small Printing Business

Printing is an art form that transforms any package into something beautiful. The global commercial printing market is estimated to have reached $750.1 billion by 2021. Over the next five years, the market is expected to reach $796 billion.

Although the future looks bright for the printing market, it is also a rapidly changing industry. To stay on top of the trends in printing, it is important to keep an eye out for new techniques and technologies. 

For customization, you can modify the printing process

Technological advancements and the increasing demand for customized packaging are driving significant changes in this industry. After Covid, the market now focuses more on local supply chains. Print services will be more flexible if they can adapt to changing market conditions. 

Industry 4.0 has brought personalized manufacturing to the forefront of many manufacturers’ minds. While personalized manufacturing models are not uniform in many ways, customers’ needs will be different and more fragmented. However, companies can become more efficient if they have a process that allows them to print according to their specific requirements. The right tools and processes for product design will allow printing shops to fulfill the customizing needs of modern customers. 

Screen printing is a popular printing method, but it’s not suitable for large orders. Small business owners will find it more economical to use a digital printing method like custom UV printing or UV DTF(Direct To Film) printing. 

UV DTF Printing – Print on Any Objects.

Are you still unfamiliar with UV DTF printing? This is simply an improved version of UV Printing. This technology can be used to print on virtually all materials and objects, even those with irregular surfaces. This is in contrast to the traditional UV printer which prints directly on the object’s surface. The UV DTF printer prints out the pattern on special film or crystal stickers, which can then applied to any object that has perfect printing effects. Some objects are too large for the UV printer.  Why choose the UV DTF Printer? No moulding, no complicated color tuning, just as easy as “print and stick”.

A 2-in-1 UV DTF printer such as the Procolored i608 can be a great way to upgrade your business if you are not familiar with how to set up a standard DTF printer. 


Contrary to other UV DTF-printers on the market that require a laminator for applying the B film, this printer allows laminating and printing simultaneously, making it easier and quicker. The printer uses an advanced white ink automatic circulation method to prolong the life of its printheads without compromising their performance. 

Shop owners can make their products more valuable by using the i608 to add spot UV varnishing and 3D embossed or textural effects. They also have the option of foiling traditional print jobs. Business owners have a greater control over inventory because the printed film can be stored for long periods and then transferred to material as needed. 

POD: UV DTF Printers for Small Print Shops

It is a common need for most business owners to have company swag packs. However, small and start-up businesses are not able to order branded and custom swag. These orders usually require a limited quantity of material and may be difficult to create. 

Many e-commerce platforms now offer the Print on Demand (POD) service. POD allows creators upload their own design and select from their product list. Once the order is placed, the custom logo mugs will be printed.

The print shops will only succeed in this type of business model. More flexible service options, better communication and understanding with clients. Customers may already own their favourite items and the selections offered by e-commerce are not sufficient. Print shops are able to quickly fulfill any client’s requirements at any quantity. Print shops can offer lower prices, increased sales, and better quality control.

Broaden Printing Services 

The key to success in the future is customizability. Print companies can be successful and reach more customers if they have the right business model. Shops should diversify their products. This means that you need to invest in the best designs and the best tools.

Companies like Procolored Make great commercial printer models You can get a variety of UV printers at very affordable prices.

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