BIXOLON launches next generation SRP-350V and SRP-350plusV Receipt Printers to the European market

* Additional features & functionality added to this best selling POS printer series

DusseldorfBIXOLON Europe GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BIXOLONDirect Thermal POS printers of the new generation SRP 350V and SRP 350plusV are now available on the European market.

BIXOLON’s In response to market demand, the best-selling series of printing devices has been updated. It is now designed for reliable printing in a variety of POS scenarios. SRP350V and SRP350plusV receipt printing devices have been redesigned to provide sustainable printing and enable the printing of blue receipts. Print speeds have also been increased, and they now use the latest technology. These printers, which are cost-effective, can be used in retail, hypermarkets, and grocery POS printing, restaurant and bar scenarios, and takeaway food and beverages (e.g. Quick service restaurants and coffee shops; as well as to support the sale lottery tickets.

SRP-350V and SRP350plusV printers share many features

The POS printers all share a set of common features. These printers are compact and take up little space at the point-of-sale. The SRP-350V series supports stand-alone printing or vertical printing. It features a specialised exit for paper to prevent jams. Additionally, BIXOLON The paper loading function is simple and allows users to easily load the paper into their printers.

SRP 350V and SRP 350plusV printers are also equipped with mechanical and near-end sensors that allow printing with Koehler Blue4est thermal paper, in situations where the user is trying to use environmentally friendly consumables. This has been complimented with a Visibility Intelligenceä sensor which enables the printer to automatically detect either white or blue receipt media, and optimise the print quality accordingly.

The printers have an LED display with user-friendly functionality. They also support a paper-saving feature, which allows users to save 25% on paper per roll, by using three compression levels. The option of an order notification feature is available for busy kitchen environments. This can be done through an external B-Melodist or buzzer. BIXOLON’s desktop printers). The POS printers come with a variety of accessories, including a wall mount, vertical support, and an SMP (built in special printer base), which integrates a power unit for BIXOLON printers.

The SRP-350plusV – retail, restaurants & bars, lottery and hypermarket applications

The SRP350plusV prints barcodes, images and text at up to 400 mm/sec with a print resolution of 180 dpi. The SRP-350plusV is 33% quicker than its predecessor, and has greater control over graphic quality with grey scale and dithered. With an All-In One-PlusTM interface from BIXOLON This includes USB V2-0, Ethernet, and optional serial, parallel, Powered USB or Bluetooth connectivity.

The SRP350plusV can also be used with BIXOLON’s XPMTM is a printer management tool that provides organizations with easy integration, management, and administration tools to install and maintain these printers throughout their entire IT and printing estate.

The SRP-350V – retail, restaurants & bars, quick service restaurant, and coffee applications

The SRP 350V can print receipts at speeds up to 300 mm/sec with 180 dpi. This is 20% quicker than its predecessor. Although the interface options are slightly different, they are still wide and varied. Standard connectivity options for the printer include USB V2.0, with optional Serial, parallel, or Ethernet. This printer features a simple drop-in loading of paper, as well as a manual cutter that comes standard.

The competitive POS industry requires reliable and cost-effective ticket, label, and receipt printing. “These new printers build on the success of previous models, and offer our customers options in order to meet changing demands for the POS market,” states Jay KimManaging Director BIXOLON Europe GmbH. “BIXOLON’s “Our new POS printers show how great design, practical functionality and competitive pricing points combine to provide cost-effective, reliable printing. We are happy to offer these solutions to those in the retail, hospitality and ticketing sectors.”

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