WTTB adds to portfolio after taking on new kit

WTTB, a specialist trade equipment retailer, has now added clothing to its range of products.

WTTB of Sunderland, London and Precision Proco Group has said that it has expanded its merchandise over the last year, and now offers personalised clothing.

A range of t-shirts – including budget, everyday, and organic – are now on offer, as are bespoke hoodies, tote bags, and aprons, which can all be printed with a unique image or logo.

Louise Stephenson said that the WTTB range was launched in response to demand from customers.

“We are constantly asked about t-shirts and other clothing items so it’s something that has been on our radar for quite a while.

“We have had a very good response so far to the new products and will be adding to our offering on a regular basis.”

The company has invested in new equipment to manufacture the clothing, including a DTFMagic60PRO DTF printer and a H650 shake powder machine. It also purchased an HTP123Pro heat press. The kit will be used by Precision Proco Group and WTTB.

Talking to Printweek, Stephenson added: “The fact that we can produce these items at an affordable price point is one of the drivers for us. There’s also been a huge surge in demand for personalised products and being able to offer these items to people who may be starting a company or developing a brand at a cost-effective price made it a logical step for us as a business.

“These are just the first items and we’ll be looking to develop the offering with additional products.”

She said that while apparel wasn’t an area the business had previously actively pursued, if a client did have a specific request, it had outsourced the work in the past for them as part of its service. Now, though, she said it can offer “one-off items at a competitive price with a quick turnaround”.

WTTB, on the other hand, has expanded its seasonal ranges by adding items such as personalized baubles or snow globes. This is in addition to products like bespoke advent clocks and wrapping papers that it already offers.

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