Vastex launches new dryers for DTG & water-based inks

Vastex International, distributed by Leapfrog Machinery in Australia, has expanded its energy-efficient line of dryers to cure DTG-printed and water-based screen printed inks as well as pretreatment.


“The new 
Lo-E1D model (pictured above) with 46 cm long heating chamber and 2.85 kW of power draws 12.5 amps at 230V, curing up to 23 garments/h printed with digital white ink at 3 minutes dwell time, or 64 garments/h with DTG pretreatment only or water-based inks at one minute dwell time,” said US-based Vastex, which offers a range of equipment and accessories for DTG printers and screen printers.

LL 0347 LoE3D Dryer“The new Lo-E3D model (right) with 132 cm long heating chamber and 6.35 kW of power draws 38 amps at 230V, or just 10 amps at 400V, 3 phase, and cures up to 64 garments/h with digital white ink at 3 minutes dwell time, or 180 garments/h with DTG pretreatment or water-based inks at one minute dwell time.”

Mark Vasilantone, Vastex’s owner: “We designed the new models to meet the needs of energy-conscious printers with lower or higher capacities than our first models.” Lo-E2D After its 2022 debut, the dryer was immediately accepted. “With an 89 cm heating chamber, 4.6 kW power, and 22 amps of 230V at 230V, this model can cure up to 45 garments/h using digital white ink, at 3 minute dwell time. Or 88 garments/h when pretreatment is used or with water-based or DTG inks, at 1 minute dwell time.”

All Lo-E models are equipped as standard with a 76 cm wide conveyor belt that runs true by means of a low friction belt aligner patented by the company, with belt speed controls allowing infinitely adjustable dwell times from one to five minutes. 

The Lo E2D and Lo E3D models are equipped with a 224cm conveyor belt and a 10.5m3/min. The exhaust system cools and dries the outer skin of the enclosure and the control panel.   The Lo-E1D is a conveyor with a length of 122 cm and a width of 7.9 m3/min. exhaust system.

Height-adjustable heat sources offer dual zone control, with a boost temperature zone for quick cure temperatures.The following are some of the ways to get in touch with each other:Modular design allows for the addition of one or more heating rooms and the extension of the conveyor belt. Capacity increases directly in proportion to the added heating chamber. Conveyors extensions can also added to the infeed/outfeed of the dryer for optimal loading and cooling/unloading.

The company produces a variety of products. High- and mid-capacity dryers For DTG, DTF, and screen-printing, as well commercial-grade and entry level manual Screen printing pressesflash cure unitsscreen exposing unitsscreen drying cabinetsThe washout booths The following are some examples of how to get started: Screen printing machines for complete shops, offers a variety of screen printing classes at all levels, including entry-level, intermediate, and advanced.

Vastex technology in Australia is distributed by Leapfrog Machinery based in Sydney.



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