Sticker Mule Invests In Epson Direct-to-garment Printing Technology

Sticker Mule, a 2022 Label & Narrow Web Company to Watch, is poised to become a leader in custom printed t-shirts with the installation of several new Epson direct-to-garment printers. This Epson printer installation is the largest ever and will ensure that Sticker Mule customers receive the highest quality custom t-shirts on the market. The strategic relationship between Sticker Mule and Epson complements Sticker Mule’s industry-leading approach to online custom print products. Sticker Mule also uses Epson SurePress technology to print custom labels.

Sticker Mule’s direct-to garment printers enable them to print custom t-shirts of high quality and ship them within three days. Sticker Mule bought the printers in anticipation of growing demand.

“Our goal is to quickly take over the custom t-shirt market with an insanely high-quality product. Epson’s incredible t-shirt printer is a big part of why we already are shipping more than 50,000 custom t-shirts per month,” says Sticker Mule co-founder and CEO Anthony Constantino. “Epson’s commitment to quality and innovation resembles our own and that’s why we bet big, and correctly, on them enabling us to deliver a level of quality that the t-shirt world hasn’t previously seen.”

Leveraging a direct relationship with Epson, Sticker Mule purchased and installed Epson’s industrial SureColor F3070 direct-to-garment solution to help turn any design into a brand-quality custom t-shirt with unmatched print quality that is crisp and detailed. The SureColor F3070 is Epson’s first direct-to-garment printer to leverage dual printhead technology and a bulk ink pack system, coupled with features such as an automatic garment thickness adjustment and an ultra-durable linear rail system, it was built to produce hundreds of shirts per day, and is an ideal solution to meet the growing demand for custom t-shirts.

“Epson is proud to work with Sticker Mule and install such a record-breaking number of direct-to-garment printers in its Amsterdam production facility, playing a role in the company’s ability to grow. Together with Sticker Mule, our partnership and collaboration help to deliver best-in-class solutions to meet their customers’ needs and deliver the highest quality products. We are pleased that Anthony and his team selected Epson and are excited to continue our partnership with a market leader in the space,” says John Meyer, director, commercial sales, Prof. Epson America Imaging Sales

Sticker Mule’s ongoing strategic partnership with Epson involved mutual visits to the company headquarters. Epson’s chairman, CEO and president traveled from Japan to Amsterdam, NY, USA, to meet the Sticker Mule team and learn more about the Sticker Mule facility in Amsterdam, NY. Constantino and other senior Stickermule leaders also visited Epson Japan. The ongoing strategic relationship between the companies is maintained by the purchase and installation the printers. This relationship is rooted in a shared dedication to providing high quality products and services to their customers. Sticker Mule uses a large number of Epson SurePress digital printers and SureColor S-Series Solvent printers in addition to direct-to-garment printing to create their signature custom labels, signage and stickers.

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