Spontaneous photoshoot of elderly Sikh couple warms hearts


The internet has been moved by a video showing an elderly Sikh couple taking part in a spontaneous photoshoot.

In the viral video uploaded to Instagram on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, photographer Sutej Singh Pannu approaches the couple as they’re sitting in the sun and enjoying a cup of tea. He compliments the couple, telling them that they look very “lovely” and asks to Take their picture.

Pannu takes their photo and presents it to Pannu. The man then asks Pannu to take his picture. Another picture This time, they were standing. The photo is taken while the man curls up his mustache, and the woman adjusts the size of her dupatta to make it more professional.

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Along with the video, Pannu wrote about spiritual awareness in his post’s description:

The space of wholeness does not exist outside, but is very much within you. The divine light within you begins shining as the light from awareness makes its way back to the source. [sic] outwardly. Inner healing leads to the healing of existence outside. Realizing the interrelationship between inward healing as well as outside healing will end the game of duality and allow you to experience the truth of oneness. When thoughts become neutral, mental trauma blocks are removed. Rigidity becomes flow and resistance into acceptance. You will experience inner joy, inner knowing, and eternal bliss as you open the door to this inner acceptance.

The video has been viewed over 9,000,000 times and 970,000 times, with many people praising Sannu and their kindness.

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“Beautiful isn’t enough to describe this,” one user commented.

“Brother, so much respect for you for the way you spoke to them and accommodated all their excitement and joy,” wrote another. “Please keep doing what you do!”

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