Raise3D shows off latest composite 3D printing innovations

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Raise3D recognized long ago the potential of composite thermoplastics reinforced with fibers. The company, which is a leader in the global hardware material extrusion segment, will introduce two 3D printing systems specifically designed for the production of carbon fiber reinforced parts by 2021: the RMF500 industrial 3D printer and the E2CF professional desktop 3D Printer. These solutions cover a wide spectrum of needs in additive manufacturing.

The industrial production of 3D-printed thermoplastics reinforced with fibers is rapidly advancing. These materials are cost-efficient and lightweight, which makes them perfect for industrial applications that require high performance. The world of composites continues to develop as it combines the versatility of thermoplastics and the mechanical strength high-quality fibres. This offers greater cost-efficiency, improved performance, innovative manufacturing, and increased manufacturing possibilities.

Now, based on customer feedback, Raise3D is introducing several updates to further enhancd these systems’ capabilities and versatility.

Hyper FFF technology for RMF500

Raise3D brings Hyper FFF technology to the RMF500, enabling high-speed composite printing. This update addresses challenges related to high-speed print of composite materials using chemistry and material sciences. The team has developed a distinct solution in which most of the fibers flow within the nozzle’s core area, optimizing heat conduction, interlayer bonding and nozzle-abrasion behaviors.

“Fibers have not only unlocked enhanced performance but also presented new challenges in high-speed FFF 3D printing. Our deep understanding and knowledge of fiber behavior and distribution is the key to solving these problems. As we move forward, we will release an expanding range of Hyper Core filaments, featuring varying fiber content and polymer matrices, further pushing the boundaries of 3D printing.” said Dr. Minde Jin (Ph.D.), Director of Materials and Applications at Raise3D.

Raise3D shows off latest composite 3D printing innovations, on the RMF500 and E2CF systems, with a new open platform

Raise3D shows off latest composite 3D printing innovations, on the RMF500 and E2CF systems, with a new open platform Open platform for innovation

Raise3D’s strategic focus remains on production excellence. The company is dedicated to providing precision and reliability by utilizing advanced materials, hardware and software optimization along with innovation. The E2CF and RMF500 both feature an open platform of materials that allows users to explore new possibilities for additive manufacturing, while maintaining the production standards.

The RMF500 has a large build volume of 500x500x500mm. Its robust mechanical structure ensures accuracy and reliability. This printer has a maximum speed of 500mm/s, and an acceleration of 15000mm/s2. It is the new standard for speed and efficiency. Achieving volume speeds of 35mm3/s. IDEX (Independent Dual Extruders) allows it to double productivity and versatility when printing multi-materials. The 4 x 25 kg filament system guarantees uninterrupted printing. In addition, the filament sealing bags that are built into its system ensure optimal material conditions. The RMF500 features an innovative 2-in-1 filament switching system that allows you to continue your creative process uninterrupted.

The E2CF combines precision and reliability within a compact footprint, with a build volume of 330 × 240 × 240 mm. The E2CF also has IDEX, a double gear extrusion system with silicon carbide nozzles and hardened components. It is specifically designed to handle increased wear when printing with fiber reinforced filaments. Raise3D developed two separate sealed dry boxes to guarantee a stable printing procedure. These dry boxes are designed to combat the high absorption of water by nylon and fiber reinforced filaments. This ensures consistent prints with high quality.

Interested parties can see these solutions in person at Formnext, visting Raise3D’s booth in Hall 12.1 Stand D11.

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