Make Custom Christmas Gifts with Procolored DTF Printer

Procolored is a game-changer in the industry. It allows for personalization from commercial to personal. Its DTF printers can be used to create the best gifts for loved ones and friends looking to expand their business.

Procolored continues to lead the way in customization. Procolored recently revealed the ultimate list DTF transfer printers, which is the next big trend in garment printing. 

The company spokesperson stated that these direct-to film transfer printers make a great gift for friends and family who are looking to start, grow and expand their businesses. Because of their superior quality, accuracy and flexibility, direct-to-film printing is a dominant player in the garment printing industry. 

DTF printing is an innovative printing technique that allows you to print designs onto special films and transfer them onto garments. DTF printing can be used to heat transfer designs onto special films. It is as durable as silkscreen prints. A DTF printer allows individuals to print custom Christmas designs/images onto textiles such as tees, pillows, and socks. 

Procolored DTF printers are able to reduce paper jams in traditional printers, prevent printer head clogs and greatly extend the life expectancy of printer heads. The printers are equipped with a preheating function and an adjustable temperature. Users can also adjust the temperature and humidity to achieve the best printing conditions. These products offer true-color rendering and high resolution. They are very easy to use and do not require any pretreatment.

Galloway, who is a verified customer, said that the Dual Heads DTF ProA3 DTF Transfer Printer (17″) was the best investment he made for his growing business.

“The right combination of machines has significantly improved my productivity. I believe this investment was the best I have made in my business. Galloway wrote that the tech support was great in helping me set it up and showed me other things.

Another verified customer, KG, echoes these sentiments and commends the Procolored team on bringing such reliable products.

“Very good. The package arrived well packed and in perfect condition. Everything works perfectly. It works well. There are many options. “Great product and seller,” said KG, who also purchased the Single Head A3 DTF Printer Straight to Film Roller Version.

Procolored is proud of its white ink stir system and patent technology. This allows for continuous stirring and circulation, which effectively prevents the nozzle from clogging. This extends print head life by half compared to traditional printers.

Procolored’s micro-piezo technology can also be used to restore images. It is capable of accurately restoring images with true and accurate color output, light resistance, resistance to oxidation, and resistance against water.

Procolored is also an expert supplier of UV printers and has been in the digital printing business for more 16 years. The UV light curing technology is the core technology of UV printing. This technology distinguishes UV printing form traditional printing. Individuals can print their own designs/images on Christmas cards and paper boxes using a UV printer. Procolored also offers a variety of UV DTF printers, which can be used for printing custom Christmas stickers such as snow, flowers, and deer. They can also be applied to glass, walls, tables, and other surfaces.

The UV printing technology allows printing on virtually any material. Procolored has the largest range of UV printers available for purchase.

Those who want to add Procolored DTF Printers to their Christmas carts may visit right away to get started. You can also visit Procolored’s social channels to find out more about the company and all its products.

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