IN3DTEC to showcase metal 3D printing capabilities and digital manufacturing solutions at Formnext 2023

China-based additive manufacturing service provider IN3DTEC has announced its participation in Formnext 2023, from November 7 – 10.

IN3DTEC is showcasing its metal 3D printer capabilities at Formnext. These include titanium, Inconel, stainless steel, maraging, steel, and aluminum. The company will also demonstrate digital manufacturing techniques for large-volume items using ABS, PLA PETG, ASA Nylon PC PEEK and ULTEM. Schedule a meeting with IN3DTEC onsite and receive a free ticket (only 15 tickets are available).

“We are delighted to participate in Formnext 2023,” said Lukas Wang, COO of IN3DTEC. “This event presents an exceptional platform for us to engage with the 3D printing community, foster idea exchange, and highlight our recent accomplishments in additive manufacturing. We are eager to demonstrate how our digital manufacturing solutions can accelerate and enhance the prototyping process for product engineers, making it more efficient and cost-effective.”

IN3DTEC is a provider of prototyping, as well on-demand manufacturing. Photo via IN3DTEC.

The industrial 3D printer is a perfect solution for prototyping on demand and production.

The Shanghai-based company, founded in 2014, has since expanded to Hong Kong, Suzhou and Shenzhen. Its extensive technology offering includes 3D Scanning (industrial 3D printing), Reverse Engineering (CNC Machining), Vacuum Casting (injection molding), Die Casting (die casting), and various manufacturing service. 

The company’s wide range of capabilities allow it to be a one-stop-shop for prototyping, and production on demand. The company has been improving over the years and introduced its online service for 3D printing just last year. This service includes DMLS and SLM technologies.

IN3DTEC’s innovative solutions have revolutionized manufacturing processes and increased design possibilities. Its industrial 3-D printing services are being used in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace and robotics. They have also been used for consumer products, healthcare, energy and healthcare. IN3DTEC’s participation will showcase its technologies and a forward-thinking vision that will contribute to shaping the industry’s future, says the company.

Customized to meet ISO standards and diverse applications

Boasting over 300 pieces of equipment, IN3DTEC’s online digital management system swiftly generates 3D printing quotes within seconds for its customers. The company is committed to rapid and efficient manufacturing, as evidenced by its ability to deliver 3D prints within a day. IN3DTEC offers a range of solutions tailored to diverse applications, spanning implants and dental components for the medical field, housing and automotive gears, oil & gas pipes, impellers, and lattice structures for transportation and aerospace sectors. All metal prints comply with ISO quality assurance criteria.

IN3DTEC’s technology portfolio includes industrial 3D printing, Vacuum Casting, CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Die Casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication, and a variety of other manufacturing services. Wang, discussing IN3DTEC’s 3D printing business, highlighted its significance as a vital component of the company’s comprehensive manufacturing services.

Additionally, IN3DTEC’s digital production system offers instant quotes to customers for 3D printing and CNC services.

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Featured image shows IN3DTEC’s company logo. Photo via IN3DTEC.

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