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Erasmart has introduced its new 350 UV-DTF Printer. This innovative machine integrates UV-DTF film lamination and printing. This device, which is equipped with an aluminum frame, silent rails and a Hoson board, offers a high-resolution print up to 1440dpi. A light oil UV lamp that is independent from the printer enhances light oil printing. An ink level alert ensures prompt ink replenishment to maximize productivity. The compact design of the printer and its ability to print on different materials makes it an excellent choice for small-scale customizing needs. Launching this product marks a significant advancement in the customization of packaging and advertising.

China, 28th Jun 2023 Erasmart, a cutting-edge technology company, proudly announces its latest innovation – the 350 UV DTF Printer. This advanced machine combines UV DTF films printing and lamination to create a seamless process.

The 350 UV DTF printer is built with a strong steel frame and reinforced with an imported silent guide rail, a nozzle-anti-collision system, and an integrated printing platform. This impressive construction allows for a more stable, smoother printing.

Erasmart 350 UV DTF Printer

The printer has a Hoson motherboard that is high-precision and high-speed. It also features dual XP600 heads for a printing accuracy up to 1440dpi. This level of accuracy allows for high-resolution printouts, which improves the color reproduction and printing quality.

A light oil UV lamp that is independent of the hardware enhances light oil printing. An ink level alarm ensures timely ink replenishment and maximizes production efficiency.

The printer is unique in that it can print, laminate, unwind and rewind the film all within one integrated process. The printer eliminates manual operations and improves efficiency.

The printer’s compact design, with its bracket and wheels, makes it easy to move and position, making it a great solution for entrepreneurs. The printer is also able to print on either gold or silver films, which opens up the possibility of creating a personalized logo.

Erasmart’s UV DTF Printer has a wide range of applications. It can transfer UV DTF stickers to a variety of materials, including acrylic sheets and PVC sheets.

UV DTF printers offer a contemporary alternative to the traditional customizing of advertising materials. The UV DTF printer offers many benefits, including short lead-times, easy transfer and high gloss. It also has waterproofing and sunscreen properties, is resistant to wear and heat, and can withstand high temperatures. These attributes make it a great solution for advertising materials of all kinds, with a fast and convenient transfer process.

Erasmart’s commitment to innovation and superior quality has led to the development of the UV DTF Printer, a technology set to revolutionize the advertising and packaging customization industry. UV DTF Sticker Printers will continue to improve as technology advances.

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Erasmart, a technology firm committed to innovation and the production of high quality printers. It is the leader in advertising and packaging customization, pushing the limits of what’s possible with its advanced technology.

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