Americas Printing Association Network—2023 Wage + Benefits Survey Opens for Submissions

A large graphic labor report is essential for managing an important workforce.

[July 24, 2023 – Dallas, TX] More than 3,500 printers are members of the Print Manufacturers Association. Americas Printing Association Network (APAN) You can now submit your Wage + Benefits Survey until August 25, 2020. Survey access may be found by going to The APAN Wage + Benefits Survey, the most comprehensive annual study of labor costs and policies in print-related businesses, is conducted by APAN. The Wage + Benefits Survey, which includes 500 firms with 15,000 employees and top management all across North America, captures annual labor costs and practices in human resource policies from 500 firms. 

“In today’s hyper-competitive labor market, timely access to up-to-date compensation trends is a critical factor in managing an essential workforce,” commented Teresa Campbell, program director and president of PIA MidAmerica. “Each year, Americas Printing Association Network conducts one of the most powerful surveys in the industry, giving our members a real competitive edge.” 

The Wage + Benefits 2023 Survey provides information on the average wages in 16 categories for various industries. It also segments them by company size and region. The survey captures policies for overtime, vacation, PTO, sick-time, health insurance, and includes job descriptions for more than 200 industry positions. The online portal supports participants with multiple locations and makes the previous year’s employment data submissions available automatically upon login, making the process quick and easy. 

The survey report is made available at no cost to participants by APAN in conjunction with sponsor LB Carlson. LB Carlson is a financial and management consulting company specializing on graphic communications.. To participate in the survey, contact your APAN representative or access the survey at Contact Teresa Campbell by email or 800-788-2040 with any questions. [email protected]

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