What Were the Trends on the 3D Printing Job Market in 2022?

3D Printing Job Trends 2022

3Dnatives looks at the 3D printing industry every year. We identify some trends based upon the job boards that have been posted. We published over 900 job opportunities on our German, English, Spanish and Italian sites in 2022. This is nearly twice the number of last year’s offers. There were some similarities between the two years. The market is searching for technical professionals and offers long-term contracts. This is evidence that 3D technologies are being embraced by key players and they believe it will last. The most interesting offers this year were published by industrial sectors, including aerospace, automotive and medical. These areas integrate additive manufacturing within their value chain, and they are clearly surrounded with experts in these technologies in order to fully reap the benefits.

76% of the jobs posted on our job board in 2022 were permanent contracts. This shows a confidence in technology since we believe that technology will prevail for the long-term. Thus, recruiters are strengthening their teams and ensuring that they have qualified candidates for the future. It’s also interesting to see that 19% of the internships have remained the same as last year. This allows students to continue to receive practical training in additive manufacturing. This is especially valuable for their future professional careers. They can also improve their technical skills and acquire more technical knowledge.

3D printing job trends 2022

One trend in 3D printing was that 76% of all job postings were for permanent contracts.

This is especially important as recruiters look for technical profiles. According to trends, 3D printing jobs that focus on design and development of 3D printing methods was the most popular in 2022. They require more technical knowledge – we could point for example to offers such as printing technicians, additive manufacturing operators, and engineers. For the moment, support roles such as marketing are less in demand.

The Top 20 Most Recruited Companies in 2022

If we now look at the trends related to recruiters, it’s interesting to note that 31% of them were companies with more than 5,000 people – a number that was only 20% last year. There are larger organizations now that have integrated dedicated additive manufacturing functions. A few car manufacturers have set up dedicated 3D printing facilities, believing that 3D printing will bring them more business. In fact, compared to last year, 3Dnatives has published more job offers from the automotive sector – more than twice as many to be precise.

The most desired technical profiles in 2022 were

The most sought-after business sectors are those that specialize in additive manufacturing. Markets such as medical and aerospace stand out. There are 405 job opportunities available in the 3D printing industry, which is also being published by software publishers, distributors, services, and service providers. The market is becoming more competitive, and the teams are becoming better organized. It will be interesting for the future to see which recruiting policy these players choose.

Larger groups are increasingly searching for profiles that specialize in additive manufacturing

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