Volkswagen expands 3D printing capabilities with installation of its second MetalFAB system

Volkswagen Group The company has increased its 3D-printing capabilities by purchasing a second MetalFAB System from Additive Industries. Volkswagen Group owns brands like Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, BentleyDucatiThe. Volkswagen brand.

Volkswagen opened a 3D-printing centre in 2018 for the production of intricate automotive parts using metal 3D-printing technologies. The MetalFAB system from Additive Industries has been ‘instrumental’ in the groups additive manufacturing success according to Volkswagen.

Volkswagen says it chose the MetalFAB system for its ‘high level of automation’, eliminating manual processes and enhancing safety. Volkswagen says that due to the modularity, it can expand production without making major investments.

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Additive Industries claims that the MetalFAB System is equipped with productivity features like full-field Lasers and automated build changes. This allows for high productivity and light-free operations. Volkswagen also invested in parameter design and implemented the Powder Load tool and Powder Recovery station for efficiency and waste minimization.

Mark Massey, Chief Executive Officer at Additive Industries said: “We as Additive Industries are happy to be able to provide Volkswagen Group with their second MetalFAB system. We are here to help them expand their capabilities in the field of additive manufacturing and move towards the next step in the automotive industry.”

Volkswagen received the TCT Transport Application Award for 2022. This was for its achievement to reduce costs by 650% in the manufacturing of a tooling needle, which is used for automated depositions of a cord in the chassis flanges on the VW Tiguan. The MetalFAB system was used to print the part.

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