SPE acquires media, events firm focused on 3D printing

The Society of Plastics Engineers acquired 3Dnatives, a French media and events company that focuses on 3D printing and additive production markets. It has over 1.2 million users.

The platform was founded in 2013 to provide information on the latest trends. It is now well-known for its business directory, which includes more than 200 businesses, jobs, and events boards. 3D printing price comparisons and business-to-business consultancy are some of the other features that the platform offers.

3Dnatives is now the most popular international online media platform that focuses on 3D printing.

According to Patrick Farrey, CEO of SPE, 3Dnatives’ unique feature is that content is tailored for each region’s native language.

“Content does not translate to Google, it is original material written by 3Dnative team members in that country. There are specific platforms available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. More are planned. SPE CEO Patrick Farrey stated in an email that events were also held in each one of those languages.

Farrey stated that the deal is sensible for many reasons. Farrey noted that 3Dnatives and SPE both exist to create and disseminate information for plastics professionals, and that SPE has an interest group for 3D printing that will be valuable the new content.

SPE will also be expanding its presence in Europe with this acquisition.

Alexandre Martel, 3Dnatives’ cofounder, and Filippos Voulpiotis, Chief Business Officer will be attending SPE’s ANTEC 2023 to discuss the platform and its benefits for businesses. The event takes place March 27-30 at Hilton Denver City Center, Denver.

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