Putting 3D Printed Screw Threads To The Test

One of many challenges with 3D printing is seeing how far designs will be pushed earlier than they break. This consists of features like versatile hinges and structural elements, but in addition smaller particulars reminiscent of screw threads. Typically steel inserts with threads are added to FDM 3D prints by melting them into the plastic, however would possibly 3D printed threads be enough for a lot of instances?  It is a query which [Adam Harig] sought to research in a latest video whereas engaged on elements that may hook up with a quite costly digicam.

Trusting expensive camera gear to 3D printed threads... (Credit: Adam Harig)
Trusting costly digicam gear to 3D printed threads… (Credit score: Adam Harig)

Fairly than risking the digicam, a couple of stand-in cubes printed in PLA+ (AnkerMake model) had been used, with these and their inner thread being uncovered to harmful testing. For the measuring tools solely a baggage/fishing scale was used. The distinction between the check elements was the quantity of infill, starting from 10 to 100% infill, with 0.2 mm layer top. After this the check concerned pulling on the steel hook screwed into the plastic check merchandise with the size, as much as the purpose of failure or the human aspect giving up.

The outcomes are quite fascinating, with the 100% infill model scoring higher than than the 50% infill model (the subsequent step down), with [Adam] giving up on attempting to drag the check unit aside and with the size maxed out. This gave him sufficient confidence to make use of this design to elevate his total digicam off the desk. What’s maybe most fascinating right here is that the way in which the check objects had been printed, the layers skilled a peeling power, which as the ultimate clips within the video present appeared to usually outcome within the backside layers freely giving, which was the half not being held collectively by the steel screw contained in the merchandise. What the impact of dynamic masses are is one thing that ought to presumably even be investigated, however it does present that FDM printing screw threads is probably not that foolish.

(Due to [Pidog] for the tip)

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