Procolored’s DTF Printer: A Sustainable Approach to Textile Printing

Procolored, the leader in digital textile print, promotes sustainable and healthy practices through its 8.2″ Single-Head A4 DTF printer. The printer uses environmentally-friendly inks and pigments that are safe for humans and free from hazardous air pollutants. DTF printing is more efficient than traditional methods in terms of water and waste. Its vibrant, high-quality prints and safety features make it an excellent choice for businesses that want to reduce their impact on the environment.

Pico Rivera CA, May 13,2023 –(– Procolored, the leading innovator in digital textile print, champions a more sustainable, healthier approach with its 8.2 inch Single Head A4 Printer. Procolored’s innovative Direct-to Film (DTF), printer is at forefront of its mission to promote environmentally friendly and safe printing.

The use of environmentally friendly and human-safe powders and inks is a key part of the DTF print process. Procolored’s DTF powders and inks are low in volatile organic compound (VOCs) and free of hazardous air pollution (HAPs). This has been confirmed by independent safety and environmental assessments. The findings are in line with a study published in 2018 in the Journal of Cleaner Production that found DTF inks to have a lower environmental impact than traditional textile printing.

Generally speaking, Procolored’s DTF ink is eco-friendly and wash-resistant, safe for direct skin contact, non-toxic, and low-odor.

Procolored’s DTF inks (Dye Transfer Fluid), powders (Pet Films) and powders have all passed MSDS certificates. They also comply with EU and US safety standards.

Procolored DTF technology is a breath of new air in an industry where traditional methods of printing have been linked to high levels of chemical waste, water consumption and possible health risks. Procolored’s 8.2″ Single-Head A4 DTF printer is part of the latest line and has been designed to minimize waste and reduce resource usage and health risks.

DTF printing is not water-intensive, unlike traditional textile printing methods. This eliminates the water waste that is often associated with this process. The technology also optimizes the ink use, reducing waste, and ensuring an efficient use of resources.

Procolored’s 8.2” Single Head A4 Printer is an eco-friendly, safe printer that produces high-quality vibrant prints. The cutting-edge design and superior print quality of this printer, as well as its safety features, have already made it popular among businesses who want to minimize their carbon footprint and ensure their customers’ and employees’ wellbeing.

Procolored CEO: “By integrating DTF technologies into our printers we are not only offering superior printing quality, but also providing a more sustainable and safe solution for our clients.” Our 8.2″ Single-Head A4 DTF printer is a testimony to our commitment to innovation, environmental responsibility and health safety.

Procolored is committed to sustainability and safety, but it doesn’t just stop with its products. It also emphasizes sustainable packaging and delivery to further reinforce its commitment to human health and the environment. Businesses who choose Procolored’s 8.2 inch Single Head DTF Printer are investing not only in quality, but also a safer and more sustainable future.

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Procolored is one of the leading innovators in the digital textile print industry. The DTF range reflects its commitment to quality and innovation, to sustainability and to Enviro-Safe. Its printers are designed to produce vibrant prints, while minimizing the environmental impact and potential health risks. Procolored has a commitment to creating a more sustainable and safer textile printing industry.

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