Procolored Expands DTF Printer Product Line — Launches a New 13″ Dual Heads DTF-PRO A3 DTF Printer

Procolored, one of the leading companies in the inkjet industry, announced that it has expanded its DTF product line by introducing the 13″ Dual Heads DTF PRO A3 DTF printer. This latest offering targets small to medium-sized businesses, particularly those involved in print-on demand tee-shirt printing. The DTFPRO A3 combines compact size and powerful print capabilities to meet diverse business needs.

PICO RIVERA (Calif.), June 15, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Procolored, a leading company in the inkjet printer industry, has announced the expansion of its DTF printer product line with the introduction of a new addition, the 13″ Dual Heads DTF-PRO A3 DTF Printer. This latest offering targets small and medium businesses, especially those in the print on demand t shirt printing industry. The DTFPRO A3 combines compact size and powerful print capabilities to meet diverse business needs.

Compact design and Incredible Printing Efficiency

Due to its dual print head array, the 13″ Dual Heads A3 DTF printer is a standout for its printing efficiency. The printer is ideal for commercial applications because of its advanced technology. The printer can print both white and color inks simultaneously, resulting in stunning color gradients. The DTF PRO A3 is built to handle large-volume printing jobs with ease. This ensures fast turnaround times and an increased output.

Procolored has also optimized the DTF PRO A3’s mechanical design to make it more compact. This decrease in size and weight makes it easier to integrate into existing workflows. It also allows you to save valuable workspace. Businesses can now enjoy a smaller footprint, without compromising printing capabilities.

Innovative Technology for Improved Performance

The 13″ DTF-PRO DTF A3 Printer is a great example of Procolored’s innovation. Procolored’s White Ink Auto Circulation (WICAC) technology is used in the printer to ensure optimal performance and durability of printheads. This technology reduces printhead clogging by 50% and increases the lifespan of printheads compared to traditional DTF printers. Now, business owners can enjoy uninterrupted printing operations while reducing maintenance costs.

A valuable addition to Procolored DTF Printer family

Procolored is pleased to introduce the 13″ Dual Heads DTFPRO A3 DTF Printing System. It’s a great addition to their existing DTF printing family. Procolored has a wide range of DTF Printers in various sizes, from A4 up to A3, and the popular A3+. The price range is between $2000 The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us: $5000Customers can choose between single and dual print heads, allowing them to customize their printers based on specific business needs. Customers can also choose from single or dual print head variants to customize their printers based on their specific business requirements.

Procolored is a name you can trust in the industry

Procolored is a name that has become synonymous with high-quality printers. The DTF printers are particularly popular and have become top-sellers. United States. Procolored offers a wide range of top-notch solutions to meet the needs of businesses.

Procolored’s 13″ Dual Heads A3 DTF DTF Printer is a major milestone for the industry. This innovative product offers a compact design and advanced technology for small to medium sized businesses. Procolored is committed to excellence and the DTFPRO A3 will revolutionize DTF printing.

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Procolored’s latest product, the 13″ Dual-Heads DTF PRO A3 DTF printer, offers unparalleled print quality and efficiency.

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