Nassau Board of Elections sending out new voter information cards after printing error

Exclusive: Nassau Board of Elections sends out new voter information card after printing error

Voters in Nassau County were worried about an election mix-up.

News 12 has been contacted by multiple residents regarding a mistake in the postcards they received that confirmed the polling places and other election information.

All residents of the county are listed as Democrats on the cards.

“It upsets me and makes me angry because I feel we aren’t being heard,” said Syvie from Farmingdale. She is a Republican.

The Democratic Commissioner of Nassau County Board of Elections issued a statement in which they stated that “No voter data was altered in our systems – this was simply a vendor mistake, and it is being quickly rectified.”

Officials claim that no changes have been made to the registered political party in Nassau County.

Bruce Blakeman, Nassau County executive, says that the voter lists are accurate but these cards are not.

He promises to send a new copy in the mail, with the correct political parties of the registered voters. He hopes the reprint includes a written account of what happened.

Phoenix Graphics, Rochester, printed the mailer. In a press release, they stated that “Phoenix Graphic Inc. had made an error in the Voter Information Cards issued to Nassau County.” In the statement, it was stated that “we have fixed the mistake and will be delivering corrected Voter Information Card as soon as possible at no cost for taxpayers.”

Blakeman says that many of the wrong mailers were scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday.

News 12 has reached out to Nassau County Republican Board of Elections Commissioner but have not received a response.

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