Azonprinter and ALSO Announce Their Partnership in the Benelux Region for Desktop-Sized DTF and DTF UV Printers

Azonprinter, a Croatian manufacturer of digital printers, is at the forefront in global innovation. ALSO, an European technology provider, also collaborated to bring DTF and DTFUV printers in A3 size to the Benelux.

Azon is known for its innovative approach to customization by demand machines and brings in a new design in DTF and DTFUV domains. DTF technology is now the perfect replacement for DTG. DTFUV is a global success. It is compatible with uneven surfaces that can’t be reached by a conventional UV printer.

These technologies can also be used by smaller and medium-sized businesses through the new partnership. This collaboration will provide new opportunities, particularly as DTF technology does not require pre-treatment. Azon also offers attractive neon colors. DTFUV is also waterproof, making it suitable for a wide variety of uses.

“Our cutting edge technology is taking part in shaping the future of digital printing technology, and this partnership will strengthen our position on the market. By introducing the DTF alongside the DTF UV printers, end-users will benefit by providing previously impossible solutions to their customers“, said Azonprinter’s CEO, M.Sc.El.Eng.,Mladen Roško.

Jeroen Branders, ALSO Group Lead CoC Graphics & 3D Printing: „As marketleader in the graphics and large printing business we are very pleased to add the Azon product range to our portfolio. Our partners in the graphics industry and the Value Added Resellers will also benefit from our added value. Our motto ‘Transform2Perform’ really comes to life with a partnership like this, offering our customers state-of-the-art technology which enables them to grow and scale their business.“

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