Army makes first 3D printed house for troops : The Tribune India

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New Delhi, December 29

Embracing new technology, the Indian Army inaugurated its first ‘3D’ printing technology-based house for soldiers at Ahmedabad. It has both a ground-floor and first-floor configuration.

The Military Engineering Services (MES) has done the construction in collaboration with a private company MiCoB Private Limited using the latest ‘3D rapid construction technology’.

Construction of the 71 sq m dwelling unit with garage space and 710 sq yds was completed in 12 weeks using the 3D printed foundations, walls, and slabs. The structures are disaster-resilient and meet the requirements of Zone-3 earthquake specifications as well as green building norms.

The 3D-printed houses represent the modern rapid construction methods used to meet the growing housing needs of Armed Forces personnel.

The concrete 3D printer can accept a computerized three-dimensional design. The 3D printer then creates a layer by layer structure using a specialised type concrete.

Indian Army units have begun using 3D printing technology to create pre-casted overhead protection and permanent defenses. They are being tested over a one-year period and have been incorporated into all terrains except Ladakh.

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