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WILMINGTON DE, SEPTEMBER 17, 2023, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE), — AC3D’s vertically integrated 3D construction printing technology is pushing the limits of what construction can do. While we begin our journey in the United States we hope to promote understanding and collaboration among the additive manufacturing community as well as end-users, government officials, and the public. We want to give you a complete overview of our technology today, including its benefits and our future strategic plan.

AC3D’s goal is to solve the housing crisis in the world, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the construction industry, and make construction faster and cheaper. Our vertically integrated platform provides automation and printing hardware for high-quality, durable buildings.

AC3D, which has expanded its footprint into the United States, is excited to present its holistic approach to adding construction. This includes 3D printers and materials, innovative software and in-house design.

Technological Advantages

High Precision and Speed : Our printer rigidity is the best in class, enabling us to achieve unprecedented accuracy and print speed. We are setting new benchmarks for 3D construction printing.

Cementless Geopolymer: In addition to standard printing materials, we use 100% geopolymer that allows the construction of net zero houses and contributes to a sustainable tomorrow.

Modular Assembly for Scale : Our printers are equipped with a large printing volume and can construct multi-story buildings without modification. The transportation and installation is made easier by eliminating the need for heavy lifting equipment or cranes.

Easy Adoption: AC3D’s in-house designs for building structures facilitate a seamless integration of development partners. This ensures a smooth transition to the world of 3D-printed construction.

3D Printing for Construction: A Future Revolution

Our vision goes beyond our current achievements. Our strategic plans reveal our vision for the future of AC3D:

Expansion of printing area: The transition to aluminum frames will allow us to increase our scale and scope (up to 14m wide and 10m high with an unlimited length).

Localized Sustainability: Integrating geopolymer into local production in ME addresses durability and cost. It also improves fire resistance.

AI-driven Quality Control: AI-driven machine vision features improve both on-site safety and quality control.

Innovative Printhead: Ongoing R&D on a “dry type” printhead eliminates ineffective hoses, enabling faster-setting, structurally robust mixtures.

Multi-Material Printer: A new innovation will be our multi-material print head with multiple nozzles. This head is patented and allows us to print walls, insulation, and other materials simultaneously.

Construction automation: This includes automated painting and stucco application as well as printing foundations and ceilings.

Solving global Challenges: A Sustainable Tomorrow

We will conclude by recognizing the impact that 3D construction printing has on global issues.

  • The global housing shortage of 12 million homes per year.
  • Automating construction to reduce the shortage of skilled workers.
  • Smart insulation techniques can reduce CO2 by reducing the cement used and increasing energy efficiency.
  • Eliminating formwork reduces waste and material consumption.
  • Reduce construction costs to make building more affordable and increase the speed of the building process.
  • Enabling AI-driven, imaginative architectural design and streamlining design lead-times.
  • Automating and digitalizing construction processes can improve the quality of construction.

AC3D wants to inspire a collaborative effort towards a sustainable and innovative future for construction.

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