A-SUB® Successfully Completed the Test of DTF One-Stop Solution on October 18th

A-SUB®, a leading Chinese manufacturer in digital printing (especially in the field of sublimation), started to invest in research and development of the latest digital printing process – DTF in March today, and completed it on October 18 this year. The test of DTF Printing, from DTF Film, DTF Ink, DTF Printer&Powder Shaker are all developed by A-SUB®

Available at https://asub.com/ 

What’s DTF Printing?

DTF is a popular method of transferring prints to fabrics and other substrates due to its reliability and cost-effectiveness. It has also grown in popularity among various studios and organizations. DTF (Direct To Film) is a way to transfer prints to fabrics and other substrates by using a hot pressing method. In the above example, the PET heat transfer film is used as the printing consumables. To print the pattern using the special DTF Printer, then transfer it to a hot pressing machine that can transfer on any surface.

Difference between DTF & DTG

DTF and DTG processes have many different characteristics. DTG is applied to clothing. DTF is applied to clothing with DTF Film using a heat press. DTG can only be used on cotton fabrics. DTF can be used on any surface.

Advantages of DTF

About DTF, Mr. Zhu, an engineer of A-SUB®, said that compared with the DTG process that was used before, the advantages of DTF are overwhelming. DTF has a better saturation than DTG, as can be seen by the effects on identical transferred clothes. DTF is also affordable and can be used in batch printing.

DTF is a brand new method of transferring. Many questions regarding the limit of fabrics and color can be solved by DTF film. With DTF film, people don’t need to worry about the colors and fabrics of the substrates during the process of transferring. DTF offers more options and costs less. DTF transfers are more attractive and vivid.

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