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EraSmart, an industry leader in printing, launched the 350 DTF UV Printer, a revolutionary product. This printer uses UV technology to print durable, high-resolution prints on plastic, metal, glass and fabric. The printer’s high speed and low operating costs make it a cost-effective solution for businesses. The 350 UV DTF printer is expected to transform the commercial landscape, by enabling businesses offer high-quality prints and customizations at a lower cost and faster rate.

China, 4th Jul 2023 – EraSmart, one of the leading innovators in the printing sector, announced the launch its latest product, 350 UV DTF Printer (Direct to film). This cutting-edge printer will redefine the landscape of printing by offering unparalleled functionality and catalyzing commercial transformations.

The 350 UV DTF Printer is a testament to EraSmart’s commitment to innovation and quality. The printer integrates cutting edge UV technology to produce high-resolution, vibrant prints that are durable. The printer’s UV curing process ensures that the prints are resistant to fading, wear, and tear, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to produce long-lasting printed materials.

Its versatility is one of its key features. The 350 UV DTF Printer can print on many surfaces including glass, fabric, plastic and metal. This opens up new opportunities for branding and product customization. This allows businesses to expand their product range and meet the demand for personalized items.

The 350 UV DTF printer is also a standout for its efficiency. The 350 UV DTF Printer has a fast printing speed that reduces production time and increases output. The printer is a cost-effective option for all businesses because of this feature and its low operating costs.

It is anticipated that the introduction of 350 UV DTF printer will bring about major commercial changes. The 350 UV DTF Printer will enable businesses to produce durable, high-quality and customizable prints faster and at lower costs. It will also help them gain an edge in the market, improve customer satisfaction, drive growth, and increase their competitiveness.

“EraSmart’s 350 UV DTF Printer is more than just a product; it’s a solution that addresses the evolving needs of the printing industry,” said the CEO of EraSmart. “We believe that this printer will not only enhance the capabilities of businesses but also revolutionize the way they operate.”


EraSmart has been a leading global player in the printing sector for many years. It is known as a world leader because of its innovative products, which combine technology, efficiency, and quality. The company’s mission is to deliver solutions that help businesses meet changing market demands and achieve their goals.

Please visit www.erasmart.com to learn more about the 350 UV-DTF Printer.

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