re:3D Releases UltiMachine ArchiMajor 32bit PCB in New Gigabot & Terabot 3D Printers to Boost Supply Chain Resiliency

HOUSTON, Jan. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — re:3D, Inc. is pleased to announce the inclusion of UltiMachine’s ArchiMajor 32bit control board and transition to Klipper firmware with the launch of Gigabot 4, Terabot 4, GigabotX 2 and TerabotX 2. The board’s advanced features include eight integrated stepper motor drives, five heater outputs and eight endstops. A 16″ enclosure houses the Raspberry Pi touchscreen controller as well as the PCB. These components can be combined to control a flexible software stack that includes web capabilities. Not only does this board increase Gigabot & Terabot processing power, but it supports better control of re:3D’s supply chain and electronics quality with a strong US manufacturing partner.

re:3D Logo

re:3D Logo

UltiMachine, a US-based company, enjoys creating custom solutions that enable open-source US 3D Printer OEMs increase their offerings and scale. Johnny Russell, UltiMachine’s CEO.

“Installing the UltiMachine ArchiMajor 32bit PCB was a critical evolution in the Gigabot & Gigabot X portfolio,” says re:3D Co-founder and Catalyst, Samantha Snabes. “The board not only offers higher performance but it also provides the customer with greater open source modification capabilities. Klipper firmware is a front-mounted touchscreen that can be used to control the board’s wifi connectivity. UltiMachine’s relationship has been crucial in ensuring resilience to the supply chain.

To learn more about all the new features in the Gigabot 4, Terabot 4, GigabotX 2 and TerabotX 2 3D printers, visit:

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re:3D® Inc. consists of a group of explorers committed to decimating the cost & scale barriers to industrial 3D printing. Having developed the world’s most affordable industrial 3D printer for humans, re-3D continues to produce large-scale 3D printers that can be used from plastic scrap, pellets, and regrind. Besides creating 3D printers that are available to customers in more than 50 countries, re-3D also offers 3D printing contract, consulting, design, and education services. For more information about re:3D visit


UltiMachine is a major 3D Printer component manufacturer. We specialize in electronics as well as consumables. Visit for more information.



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