The VICE Guide to Shopping at Quince

You are welcome to Basket CaseVICE editors go on a treasure hunt through online retailers to find the very best products to buy. We’re taking a Supermarket Sweep at Quince, a luxury direct-to-consumer store that offers everything from Ray-Ban replicas to Turkish cottonrobes.

Every once in a while, you find a place that makes you feel like you not only like you have your shit together, but that you’ve had it together Take a moment to enjoy. Not to get too deep on this gentle Monday, but we wade through the shores shopping trends a lot, and we know when label clout is worth it, and when you’re getting hosed. Luckily, so does Quince

Quince This is shopping’s equivalent to finding $10 in your jacket pocket. As a DTC (direct-to-consumer) brand, it’s all about bringing people popular luxury home goods, accessories, and apparel without the steeper price tags that comes with Parachute, West Elm, Everlane Similar high-end brands. We don’t think there is any better than the former, but you have the right to feel like a pinkies out boi with a penny-pinching income; we want to give you the best. Cotton waffle robe All your dreams come true And This particular can be done by throwing down Joshua Tree Rental. Hence, why we’re DTF with the DTC uprising.

 Label clout can be cool and real. We encourage you spend your tax refund on them. Versace boxers It doesn’t matter if you love it, but it does make your heart sing. Our situationship isn’t exactly reading the fine print on our linen bedding when they’re sucking our toes, and they’re not going to demote us for wearing The Blues Brothers-worthy shades that don’t literally have “Ray-Ban” scribbled on the side. It just ain’t that deep, mate.  

Take a look at Quince as your one-stop-shop/savior for all the adult purchases you’ve been jonesing to make, but never wanted to shell-out for. There’s bedding for every kind of sleeper, Mongolian cashmere sweaters for you (Your dog and youBoxers who hug your junk like a prize trophy. 

Get ready to feel indulgent. 

The finest Quince bedding

Quince Heaven for you TaurusesTouchy-feely people who control the world from their bed. The percale bedding bundle is one of the best things we ordered on the site. It has a solid 270 thread count and more than 60% lower than comparable sets. Brooklinen And Parachute (According to the rundown at the product page). The organic cotton material is cool to the touch but as soft and comfortable as a baby dove’s belly. This is definitely the star of our bedding rotation. 

$59.90 at Quince

There are two ways to feel like the erudite lead from Luca Guadagnino this spring: You can either have torrid Tilda Swinton and sex in ItalyBuy a great linen duvet covers. We can’t help with the former, but this linen duvet cover is a major fave of our editors’ and has over 700 reviews and a 4.9-star average rating thanks to its earthy appeal, and naturally moisture-wicking, cooling powers. Most linen duvet covers will Costs you almost $200This flex costs only $99 and gets softer with each wash.     

$99.90 at Quince

“But winter is almost over,” you may say upon seeing this faux fur throw from Restoration Hardware, and you’re not wrong. Luxurious, kingly bedding knows no season, and you haven’t lived until you’ve Superman’d this throw after a hard day’s work. It feels like getting swaddled by a well-fed chinchilla, and won’t give your knees rug burn during sex.

$89.90 at Quince

Quince Home Goods: The Best

We wouldn’t preach the linen gospel without giving Quince’s blackout linen curtains a spotlight moment. Not unlike owning a Bed frameApply sunscreen Everyday, and owning Dish towels that actually match, a pair of linen curtains will signal to your guests that you are a well-adjusted adult with fully formed opinions on Slavoj Žižek. These curtains have a 4.9-star average rating on Quince, and one reviewer writes that they “look absolutely amazing [and] block out most light, but enough comes through that you can tell if it’s daytime or not (which I do like).” Sounds like something that Žižek would probably say is a metaphor. 

$89.90 at Quince

It’s hard to find a beautiful, vintage-looking Morrocan-style rug that doesn’t cost half of our rent—which is why Quince’s hand knotted wool rug is one of its bestellers in the home department. It’s versatile enough to work with your style evolutions (Daddy knows you’re leaning into Japandi design, and he’s proud) but intricate enough to make you look like a worldly person.  

$209.90 At Quince

Don’t use that 2012 bath towel that feels like sandpaper. Get a set Turkish bath towels to pamper your skin. As one reviewer writes, “Using them makes me feel like I’m in a fancy hotel or at a spa. They also dry really fast for being so plush.”

$79.90 at Quince

The best Quince clothing 

Quince’s cashmere game is strong, affordable, and not to be ignored. One of VICE’s shopping editors swears by this pair of cashmere sweatpants, which have earned a 4.8-star average rating on the site and praise from reviewers as the best travel pants. They are available six color options and cost less than average. Everlane’s cashmere sweats

$99.90 at Quince

A cashmere sweater could be yours And The bulldog that you inherited from your ex Quince allows you to spend less than a single at Quince A luxury retailer sells cashmere sweaters. The cashmere sweater from Cashmere is light enough to layer underneath all your other clothes, and warm enough to keep you toasty in the morning fog. gorpcore Vests, Mesh turtlenecksAnd puffer jackets Everything you could possibly need. Bonus points for the fact that it’s not a V-neck; you’re not out here trying to look like an IRS auditor. 

$59.90 at Quince

Hot Jordan, a friend of ours, swears by the Ponte pants as a must-have item for work. She’s a physical therapist, and says that “they’re flattering but super flexible. You can do deep squats and still look professional. All of my patients always ask me where they’re from.”  

$39.90 at Quince

What do the older goths do when it gets hot? Slip into their shoes! Dr. Martens sandals and a breezy black silk skirt such as this one by Quince, which has a 4.9-star average rating and comes at the wildly affordable price tag of around $59 (for context, that’s less than the cost of This silk eye mask). It can be worn with a white tank top/crochet bra You can also find out more about a Leather duster.  

$59.90 at Quince

Quince loungewear, intimates and other apparel at its best

A waffle robe that does its job should have the *chef’s kiss* ability to absorb water and dry quickly, and Quince’s jawn is made out of 100% organic Turkish cotton (and comparable to Parachute’s cult-fave waffle robe). 

$49.90 at Quince

We’ll be brief: These five-star-average rated undies are beloved by reviewers for their ability to hug your junk while providing breathable, flexible support. 

$39.90 At Quince

The best Quince accessories

Don’t call them Ray-Bans! Or, do. It would not matter to anyone. Is it possible to believe that the Blues Brothers were label simps. These polarized frames offer the classic look at a fraction of the cost. comparable shades

$50 at Quince

Is your Herschel backpack looking a bit crusty? This adult backpack will replace your old, dingy Herschel backpack. It is water-resistant nylon and made from 15 recycled plastic bottles. You will pay a lot more for comparable brands Get Away, Saint Laurent And Longchamp, so you know you’re getting a backpack that could be seen bopping around a gluten-free cafe in Paris’ Marais neighborhood. 

$99.90 at Quince

Garnish your outfit with one of Quince’s many high quality leather goods, which include Shoulder bags, Duffles for TravelThis and other information Clare V.-esque Crossbody bag Made from Italian leather It has a 4.9-star average rating from reviewers, one of which writes, “It holds just about everything for a quick errand, [and] It is gorgeous. I’ve had this bag for 2 years, and it still looks amazing.”

$99.90 at Quince

Here’s to Quince supremacy and hoping it tackles the Cloud Sofa next. 

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