Procolored Showcased its Innovative Printers and Patent Technology at ISA Expo

Procolored, a leader in the DTF industry, showcased its latest offerings recently at the ISA Expo. The company’s stand was a highlight at the ISA Expo, with live demos of their innovative patent technology and printers. This article gives a detailed look at Procolored’s range of printers, technology and what visitors saw at their booth.

The following is a brief introduction to the topic:
Procolored is known as a provider of innovative, high-quality print solutions. Anyone interested in the latest developments within the printing industry should visit the company’s stand at the ISA Expo.

Procolored’s Innovative Printing
Procolored’s innovative range of printers displayed at the ISA Expo included

Procolored DTF Printing: Procolored’s Direct to Film (DTF), printer was one of the most popular attractions at the expo. Visitors were impressed with its ability to print vibrant and high quality prints on various substrates including cotton, polyester, or nylon. The Procolored DTF is designed to produce vibrant and durable prints of high quality. They are also washable and long lasting.

Procolored 2-in-1 UV-DTF Printer: The Procolored 11.8″ dual head A3 UV-DTF laminating machine with 2 heads was also a popular choice. The high resolution, versatility and speed of this printer, as well as its low cost and durability, make it a great choice for companies looking to boost their productivity and profits.

Procolored UV Printing: Procolored’s ultraviolet printer was on display. It demonstrated its ability to print a variety of substrates including wood, plastic and metal.

Patent Technology by Procolored

Procolored Anti Clogging Technology: Procolored’s Anti Clogging Technology was the highlight of many visitors. The ability of the technology to prevent clogging at the printer nozzles was a highlight for many visitors.

Procolored White Ink System: The White Ink System attracted a lot attention from visitors, who admired its ability to keep the white ink moving, which ensures that prints remain vibrant and vivid.

The conclusion of the article is:
Procolored’s commitment to excellence and innovation was evident at their booth during ISA Expo. Procolored has become a leading player in the printing sector thanks to their one-stop approach. The range of services and products they offer will certainly impress visitors at ISA Expo. Procolored offers everything from printers, inks, substrates, and accessories to help customers produce high-quality print with ease.

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