Japanese DJ who went viral for his creepy flesh-like accessories is now selling his creations to fans


Japanese DJ, Ai-Jay, became viral for his bizarre accessories that look almost human in 2019.

Masataka Shishido is also known as DJ Doooo. Online attention attracted He then displayed his lifelike accessories which resembled severed fingers, jaws, and skin.

In the beginning almost everyone felt it was gross,” Shishido, 36, told Reuters. “Once people learned that it’s an artwork with some specific function, they started saying that it’s cute and interesting.”

Although previously reported, Shishido did not sell his creations. However, the artist said to Reuters that he now takes orders from fans.

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According to the report, Shishido’s severe d finger USBs and ink stamps are priced at around 150,000 yen (approximately $1,142), while a blinking eye pendant like the one he wears around his own neck costs around 580,000 yen (approximately $4,414).

Shihido says that he can make a personalized accessory for those who want it.

Customers can have an exact replica of their body made into an accessory.

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Reuters reported that Shishido had designed over 30 accessories to date.

The Japanese DJ’s viral creations also made an appearance overseas when American rapper Lil Yachty showcased Shishido’s blinking eyeball pendant in a video uploaded to his social media in 2021.

Shihido explained that the creation process begins with a hand-drawn design.

The printout is then sent to Amazing Studio JUR in Tokyo where the accessory will be made using silicon. According to some reports, the creation process can take up two months.

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