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EraSmart’s latest product is the A4 roll DTF printer L805. It is a lightweight and high-speed film-transfer printer that revolutionizes the direct-tofilm (DTF). Features include a white-ink circulation system integrated, RIP software for professionals, reduced ink consumption and a variety of printing options on both rolls and sheets. The printer produces industrial-quality prints at high speeds on a variety of fabrics, including white and dark textiles. The package contains a set of initial inks, RIP version 10.5, a data cable with USB interface, a power cord, and other accessories.

China, 9th Jul 2023 – EraSmart is a leading innovator of innovative printing solutions. Today, EraSmart unveiled its newest product, the L805 A4 Roll DTF Printing Machine. This portable, lightweight printer with advanced features is designed to revolutionize direct-to film (DTF) printing.

EraSmart’s new printer features a built-in white ink circulation system, ideal for printing on dark/light t-shirts and various fabrics. This advancement allows the A4 DTF Printing L805 to reduce print head clogs while extending the life of print heads. Its professional RIP can import multiple files simultaneously, streamlining and increasing productivity.

The A4 Roll DTF L805 printer is very economical. It only uses 1.5ml to print an image of A4 size. Automatic ink suction allows for easy startup without manual ink pumps. The pre-heating feature accelerates ink curing to ensure crisp, vibrant images.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the A4 Roll DTF Printer L805 to the market,” said [CEO/Spokesperson Name], [CEO/Spokesperson title] EraSmart. “This printer delivers industrial-quality output at impressive speeds, suitable for multiple fabric types, and on both white and dark textiles. Our dual white ink system ensures lasting, delicate, sediment-free prints, truly transforming garment printing.”

The Epson L805 single-head A4 roll DTF printer L805 prints in six colors, providing vibrant, full colors. The versatile printer can also print on both sheets and rolls, making it possible to do batch printing or printing on demand with just one machine.

The product package includes a full set of initial ink cartridges (CMYKW 6*250ml), RIP v10.5, a power cable/USB interface data cable, and other essential accessories. It’s a complete package for businesses looking to maximize their printing capabilities.

EraSmart offers a UV dtf Printer. You can always contact EraSmart via the official website.

EraSmart has a commitment to provide cutting-edge, reliable and efficient printing solutions. The A4 roll DTF printer L805 demonstrates this commitment.

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